Launch Date Confirmed… You’re Welcome, America

Snubnose Press has confirmed my book, The Subtle Art of Brutality, will be published October 1st, 2012. The book is about two pastel-colored swans who just want to eat chocolate and be loved by their wicked stepmother- no wait. Wrong book. SAOB is my gritty, bare-knuckles intro to Richard Dean Buckner, the best homicide detective the city of Saint Ansgar ever fired for being an that big of an asshole. Now a burnout private detective, Buckner accepts a case to locate a missing woman and finds out rather quickly just how many people want her to disappear. Or worse, the people who want her to reappear… so they can tie their lose ends with her. Once Buckner puts that woman’s anchor around his neck, bodies show up, homes burn down, drug lords surface and an Incest Survivor’s group comes knocking.


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