In Defense of Castles in the Air

Crime Factory magazine has picked up my Richard Dean Buckner short story In Defense of Castles in the Air. There will be some rounds of editing and it should see the light of day in their December issue. CF put up another RDB story a few years ago in Issue #7 under the pen name Derek Kelly entitled The Roach Motel Reputation. A link to that is under the tab Bullets Already Spent.

In the story, RDB is driving through a bad neighborhood (because, you know, they’re all bad where he lives) in the middle of the night. He sees a pimp hitting a pregnant hooker. RDB gets out, decks the pimp. The hooker is ungrateful. The pimp shoots at RDB. RDB decides he’s going to show the pimp what happens to dudes who shoot at him. And it might wind up in a car wreck down the road from a police station where RDB tries to trick the cops into blowing away the pimp. Or it might wind up with those guys making nice, trading baskets of puppies and blowing kisses.

If you know anything about RDB, you’ll know which answer is more plausible.



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