The Subtle Art of Brutality



Coming soon: The Richard Dean Buckner page. We’ll be goin’ balls deep in this, friend. Balls deep.


6 thoughts on “The Subtle Art of Brutality

  1. Hey. We’re in Yellow Mama together. Crazy. Thanks for the congrats, same to you and Frank with Blood on Blood. It’s in my to-do list of things to read (damn those Penthouse letters… always more and more). Snubnose gets some damn good titles, myself excluded. I’ve linked your guys’ site on my Pimpage page. Hopefully that drives my considerable traffic (read: me and my mom) to your site. All right, stay in touch. One love.

  2. “A piece of thigh flaps up.”
    l Loved it. Good stuff.
    Penthouse? “I go to a small college in the Midwest, one night…” Actually I am from the midwest – that story on Shotgun was on a flat country road I know. Know well. Blindfolded. After Everclear. Listening to Kansas singing ‘only for a moment and the moment’s gone’. Midwest, yes, heart of the midwest. In another lifetime, there was an old rock group called Head East. They were from where I came. They had an album called Flat as a Pancake. I knew ’em boys. I also knew the lead singer (before Kevin Cronin) and bass playter for R.E.O. before they were shit. Hey…I’m old. Keep in touch okay?. – Jim

    1. Will do. BTW – Accidental Discharge was based on a kernel of truth. I interviewed the friend shot in the foot. There was no PCP, no cheating, just one friend who wanted to ill himself in front of his family. Even with the headshot, he lived. I’m from KCMO but I’ve been around. REO? Crazy. I’ll shout at you later; my daughter is pestering me to go to bed.

    2. Hey Jim, you still on this thing? If you are, I landed a spot over at Out of the Gutter with a new column called ‘The Noir Affliction’. Stop by and say hello, would you? The column interviews authors…

      1. ONLY if you stop by our hushed little library of a blog and raise some hell. SAY HEY to me at Hardboiled…..Of course I’ll come bay and say hello bud. – Jim

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