Chris Leek dominates the world!

Hey! Zelmer Pulp’s very own Chris Leek has inked a deal with Snubnose Press. You might know them from publishing my book. You better f*ckin’ know ’em.

Anyhoo, I just can’t ay enough about the dude. ‘Ol Chris Leek is one hell of a guy in his own right, he runs a blog, does book reviews for Out Of The Gutter and now is scooting down the road as  published author.

His novella, Nevada Thunder, follows a boxer named Johnny who refused to take a fall in the ring and wound up doing time as payback. His surrogate sister Kara turns out to be very talented with digging herself in deeper than she can manage, and this time she’s done it with the people who hosed Johnny. Oops.

Watch this guy, folks. His shit dominates. he’s got a full list of his published fiction at his blog, and of course, since he’s ZP, he’s in there as well. Hammer down.


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