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Ryan Sayles is Midwestern and prior military. A post-September 11th world got him into assigned to an anti-terrorism unit where he spent five years staring at dark waters and waiting for dirty bombs that thankfully never arrived.

His fiction has been included in two print anthologies; one by the now apparently defunct Short Story Library and the Editors & Preeditors nominated horror site SNM Horror Mag. More of his stuff has been displayed at Shotgun Honey, Nefarious Muse and The Flash Fiction Offensive.

He has a novel out from Snubnose Press entitled “The Subtle Art of Brutality“, set in the fictional city of Saint Ansgar and follows the exploits of former homicide detective-turned private investigator Richard Dean Buckner. Stories about him have been published at Shotgun Honey and, under the pen name Derek Kelly, at Crime Factory and Beat to a Pulp.

5 thoughts on “Booking Information

  1. RDB has the genesis of an epic character series in The Subtle Art. Top drawer Mike Hammer type of novel, only just a tad better. Good job, well done and wanting some more.

    1. Hey Tom, thanks so much. That’s a huge compliment. Mike Hammer was one hell of a dude, and Spillane knew how to write him. I really appreciate it.

    2. Thanks Tom. I appreciate your kind words. I plan on writing more novel-length stuff. I have some shorts out there now listed on my Bullets Already Sent page.

  2. Subtle arts of brutality.

    A tip of my hat to you Sir! How you have captured how it is for us. Could not believe you weren’t prior police. Bravo! What a book! A+++

    1. Thanks Derek. I appreciate you reading the book. God-willing, there’s more to come. If you like RDB I have three shorts about him out there. All three are in my collection, That Escalated Quickly, or they’re out there in single form if you click the links under the tab Bullets Already Spent. And yeah, I’m police. Five years now. My dad retired from KCMO and a lot of RDB’s philosophies, et cetera came directly from him.

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