The Noir Affliction and Out of the Gutter Magazine

Well, it started with me getting my story “Cheated” published at The Flash Fiction Offensive, which is the flash section of Out of the Gutter magazine. Later, as luck would have it, FFO published “Collection”. Through the whole thing I worked with FFO editor Joe Clifford and eventually, when OOTG needed a new non-fiction┬ácolumn, my name was brought up. My name stuck, the column became The Noir Affliction and the world is finally at peace. See, that’s how it works, folks. Just like that.

The column will deal with the authors behind the noir. Why they do what they do. As OOTG editor-in-chief Matt says, “it’s an on-going autopsy of the genre”. And, I want reader input. Interaction. So do it.

Out of the Gutter