Jeez, catch-up time

Well, since I haven’t done anything on here for a month or more, I have a lot to put out there. So, here goes:

All’s Well That Ends Well – My story about bullying. Well, a story about bullying. The good folks at Thunderdome were wonderful enough to put up there and even tacked a picture on for good measure. You gotta love when someone puts an image to your words.

Incident In The Workplace – I hate The Easter Bunny and I wanted to get published at Thrillers, Killers and Chillers in a bad way. Unfortunately for the world, TK’C shuttered their doors. But, Thrills, Kills ‘n Chaos sprung up in its place, helmed by Dave Barber of TK’C fame. So, I put this little ditty together and hoped they would pick it up. Post-bribes, they did.

Something Better – a forth coming *gasp* fantasy-type story that was picked up by the folks over at Fiction Magazines. Their fantasy edition, New Realm, took the story. It’s really a father and son story, and could be set anywhere. This one just happens to have acres of burning homeland behind them as dragons torch everything. And stuff like that.

They’re Pros, Each And Every One – my ridiculous bank robbery gone wrong story was accepted for Shotgun Honey‘s second anthology, Both Barrels: RELOADED. I loved every second of this story.

Over at CS DeWildt’s author page I got guest-blog about my favorite stuff: roadkill, running around pantless with a chainsaw and Ronald McDonald.