Zelmer Pulp

So in late 2012 I realized there were all sorts of cool projects going on without me in them. I nearly vomited when that happened. Almost simultaneously I was reading an interview with fellow author Brian Panowich where he said something about writing a story set in the zombie apocalypse. After I changed my pants I messaged him on Facebook and told him he must belong to me. He said, “Okay.”

We decided to write a zombie split. He wanted to title it “C’mon And Do The Apocalypse” which I thought was killer. We wrote it. Cover artist Chuck Regan said since we wanted a old school pulp cover we should have a badge like so many of them did. He did up a skull and asked what we wanted to label it. Brian came up with Zelmer Pulp, after my son’s name. Of course my ego said yes.

We launched the issue and two others named Chris Leek and Issac Kirkman pimped that thing like it was their own project. So we made them members. Chuck the cover artist was also a writer, and thankfully he was a damn good one because we made him a member also. And thusly, we were born.

Our goal is to put out a quarterly issue, each one branching off into a different genre. That, and world domination.

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