Catching up!



So, it’s been a hall of a long time since an update here. My bad. I was, uhhh… off fighting the Soviets. True story. Anyway, guess what? The new RDB book will drop in April.

It opens with RDB and Clevenger standing over the murdered bodies of two nuns. The women were trying to bring shelter, food and mercy to the streets of a bad neighborhood. The bad neighborhood did what bad neighborhoods do. The problem for the neighborhood now is that RDB got involved.

RDB zeros in on a suspect while Clevenger zeros in on another suspect and it becomes a race against time to get the right one. Not to mention RDB sees the uncomfortable parallel between this case and one from years ago when he railroaded the wrong guy because RDB thought he was right. He doesn’t want that same mistake here.





The new novella has launched through One Eye Press. You should snatch it
up right here, real quick-like.

"Family man Carl, with his wife and daughter, are on their way check on his young son who had been hospitalized for an ear infection complicated by the boy’s Type 1 Diabetes. Stopped at a light they are confronted by a gunman who pulls Carl from the vehicle, stealing the vehicle and his family with it.

Desperate, Carl, will do anything to save his family, even commit a carjacking himself. Carl finds himself chasing after his family, being chased by the police, and confront the reason for this random act of violence.

When all seems lost, Carl finds a reason to believe, and finds himself amidst a conflict of good and evil.”


New interviews

I was recently interviewed at two different places. You’ll need to read these in order to have a good life.

Here, over at Jochem Vandersteen’s blog The Sons of Spade, and

Here, over at SW Lauden’s blog Bad Citizen Corporation.

Enjoy both of ’em, and please patron their stuff.

I’m Not Happy ’til You’re Not Happy

New short story collection, folks. It’s available right here. All Due Respect Books has put it out. Their house has published a lot of hard-hitting, engrossing fiction lately and I encourage you to scroll through their catalog and get ’em all. For realsies.

Here’s the blurb: “From a bank robbery gone horribly wrong to a shipwrecked man with a serious anger problem to a lonely teenage Peeping Tom, Ryan Sayles’s second collection of stories steam rolls along. Need a transvestite beating up her drug dealer? Got it. What about a guy trying to stuff a dead hooker into his trunk? Got it also. Need a Richard Dean Buckner story? Got two of ’em. Come on in and join the mayhem.”

sayles first try stencil

The Invincible Ironclad is out in thar yonder world

A while ago Literary Orphans, a website that very comfortably straddles the line between poetry, lit and street crime (I know; odd) put out a call for submissions for Marvel-esque superhero tales. I responded. I honestly don’t think anybody else did.


My story, entitled “The Invincible Ironclad,” tells the story of a WWII vet named Henry who discovered he couldn’t be killed during the invasion of Normandy. When he returned from the war he continued fighting evil in his home town. One night Henry encountered an enemy who could kill him, and afterwards a severely injured Henry had to retire. Now, so many years later, a new hero has risen up to take Henry’s place. But when that hero faces off against the one enemy that could kill Henry, Henry must come out of retirement to help to save the life of a threatened little boy. Along the way he learns a few secrets that will change him forever.

Read the illustrated story right here.

Did I mention that The Subtle Art of Brutality is back out?

Subtle Art v1(2)

My debut novel from back in 2012 is enjoying new life through Down and Out Books. You can grab it here. They’ve picked up my private detective character, Richard Dean Buckner, and swung the door wide open for me to continue his series. They’ve got their hands on the sequel, Warpath, and will release that in October of this year. Next year, he’s slated to be out there again.

From the book description: “The girl has gone missing. Again. But this time people are trying to kill her. Trying to burn down everything she has touched or left behind. The girl’s surrogate father feels responsible and to assuage his guilt, he hires Richard Dean Buckner, former Saint Ansgar homicide detective turned private eye to ferret her out. Buckner was doing fine as a bare-knuckles detective for the PD until he was rendered “unserviceable” by a hit attempt. Early retirement doesn’t sit well with that type of man, half predator and half savior. He takes the case, and from two ex-boyfriends who ruined their lives for the girl, her rapist dad, drug dealers she burned for thousands, an uncomfortable meeting at the local Incest Survivors group to whoever is setting fire to her life, Buckner is going to need all his guts, instinct and .44 Magnum to finish the job. Because in Saint Ansgar, what doesn’t kill you only makes you wish it did.”

Down and Out have been tremendously supportive. Publisher Eric Campbell loves Warpath. Come October you’ll see why.*

*Or you won’t. Buy the book either way. I have kids to feed.

I should probably go and write these books

Folks, Down and Out Books and I have come together and made twin babies. They’ve agreed to reprint my 2012 novel The Subtle Art of Brutality in July of this year, and in October follow it up with the sequel Warpath. Both follow the private investigator exploits of Richard Dean Buckner, my go-to guy for kicking ass. You can go here and read the press release.?????

It Attacks! premiers to worldwide acclaim… or not.

I wrote a long short story titled It Attacks! for the Dark Corners magazine, volume 1 issue 2, a start-up operation that is becoming the one stop shop for all genre pulp. I began it way back in… 2012? 2011? Something like that. then I finished it for DC. I’m glad I did. It’s one of my favorites. (They published another story of mine in volume 1 issue 1. It was a lyrical sci fi piece that was cool just to get out there.)

This one is a little slapstick-ish, and features two alien walker-type saucers that land near NYC and travel all over the island hunting another alien invader. It’s goofy, jumps around, wrecks the whole city, and was a lot of fun. Check it out; it’ll be spread across the next three issues. But DC is worth checking out anyways. These guys do it all, and they do it well.

Get your copy here.